Drink Plenty of Water

It is important to drink plenty of fluids both immediately after taking a dose and throughout the day. The Formula powder is unique in that it absorbs 32 times its weight (!) in liquid and can fill your stomach for up to 16 hours (!), as long as it’s constantly supplied with enough water. The mixture acts like a sponge, and without sufficient water it will shrink and pass through the digestive system too quickly. The more you drink, the longer the gastric bypass effect will last.  Water is recommended, but you can also have any low-calorie drink (10 calories or less per serving), such as flavored water, Crystal Light, tea, or diet beverages. Remember that for some users carbonated or dairy beverages may not interact well with the Formula – see Side Effects for more information.

Required Water Intake

Drinking the proper amount of water is crucial:

  • Immediately after taking the Formula in the morning, drink two 8oz glasses (one ½ liter bottle).
  • Throughout the rest of the day, you must drink an additional ten 8oz glasses (five ½ liter bottles) to maintain the gastric bypass effect and avoid side effects.

Confusing Thirst with Hunger

Water intake is crucial for successful weight lossBe aware that since the procedure is new to your body, if you do not drink enough your brain may confuse your thirst with hunger and cause you to overeat. If you feel hungry, it may just be that you haven’t drunk enough. This is because much of the water you drink is absorbed into the Formula in the stomach, and not absorbed into your body. When your body senses this, your brain will signal you to consume more. Tip: Each morning, set aside six ½ liter bottles of water to drink so you will not have to keep count throughout the day. This includes one bottle to drink with the Formula, and five more to drink later. Caution: Since the strong Formula absorbs so much liquid, you must drink extra to avoid dehydration. A headache is usually the first sign of this, and over a longer period of time, a lack of sufficient water may lead to more severe problems.

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