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Your New Schedule Act every 2 hours 

For eating and using the regimen (unless you are diabetic or ordered otherwise by a doctor)

0 Wake up

Consuming-a-doseAs you wake up: Consume a Roca Labs dose from your refrigerator. Drink a bottle of water and you may have a decaf hot drink.

2 hours later

Reinforcement-red-pillTake a red pill. Drink a bottle of water and have something very small to eat up to 150 calories.

2 hours later

FdH DiätEat your first meal while serving yourself only half portions of what you were used to eating. Chew VERY SLOWLY. Wait 30 seconds between bites. You can now train your stomach to feel satisfied after the first few bites.

2 hours later

DrinkingDrink your first Anti-Cravings dose. It will help you fight and diminish the bad unwanted cravings.

2 hours later

Reinforcement-red-pillTake either a second red pill or consume 1/2 the formula dose (red mixture). You may have a snack though you should not feel hungry now.

2 hours later

DrinkingDrink the second Anti-Cravings dose. It is important.

2 hours later

Last meal of the dayEnjoy your last meal of the day. Make it healthy and chew SLOWLY with 30 seconds between bites. No more food intake. You may now drink water only.

Grade yourself daily

We hope you did well today. Grade yourself daily:

  • Following Instructions and RULES
  • Eating very slowly and small quantities
  • Avoiding junk and fried food
  • Overcoming cravings
You must read the RULES now
WaterTo maintain the Gastric Bypass Effect®, you need to drink at least 6 bottles of 16oz or 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day. Not drinking plenty can cause dehydration, headache or other complications. coffee increases hungerAVOID / limit caffeine as it intensifies cravings and can be destructive to the regimen. Caffeine drinks such as coffee and soda increase cravings and are counterproductive to No sodayour weight loss goal. However, decaf coffee and tea are ok to drink. Cream should be substituted with 1% or 2% milk and be used to the minimum.
* Limited eating
Gastric Bypass Effect Stomach clearWith limited stomach capacity, you only need to serve yourself small portions to avoid side effects like bloated stomach or gases. Wait 30 seconds between bites. Chew every bite VERY SLOWLY. You be surprised by how little you eat to be satisfied once you follow these rules. Overeating will stretch your stomach.
The Reinforcement Red Pill is not sent with the Basic plan or to pregnant women.

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