1. Prepare

Add room temperature water to the 350ml dotted line on the Activator cup. Add a scoop of the Formula. Close immediately and shake vigorously to activate. Let the Silica® mixture form in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. For best results, always have a dose prepared in the refrigerator to consume in the morning.

Tip: Tasty dose

Prepare a tasty dose with Roca Labs Gastric BypassThe new Silica® has almost no taste. Though you should be determined to succeed and treat the Silica® like a medicine, you can adjust the taste with these two options:

  • Use a non-carbonated, non-dairy drink (like cranberry juice) instead of water
  • Add a drink mix, like, Crystal Light just before you add a scoopful of the Formula
2. Morning Dose

2. Morning Dose

As you wake up, decide on your Silica® dosage for the day based on your weight loss goal. The more of the Silica® mixture you consume, the smaller your stomach will be and the less food you will be allowed to eat.
Eating as much of the Silica® as you can will limit your available stomach volume to merely 20% and will commit you to eating as little as 1,200 calories. During the first few days you will learn how much Silica® is needed for you to consume to achieve your desired stomach size.
The fastest way to consume the formula is by swallowing each spoonful of the Silica® mixture along with drinking water. You may also “eat” it and drink water.

Tip: Avoid Side Effects

Avoid the following: dairy (like, cheese or yogurt), sodas and any carbonated beverages, oily and/or fatty foods (like, fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, butter etc.), which can cause a bloated stomach, gas or even diarrhea. Similar to gastric bypass patients, overeating or eating too quickly can cause side effects. Serve yourself small food portions and chew thoroughly. Wait 1-2 minutes between bites.

Avoid Gastric Bypass Side effects

20% Limited Stomach Space

3. Limited Food Portions

With limited stomach capacity you can, and should, eat very little. Serve yourself only a small portion of food, chew in length and swallow the food VERY SLOWLY to avoid expansion of the stomach pouch. Overeating, or eating fast, can cause a bloated stomach, gas and stomach discomfort.

Tip: Lasting Gastric Bypass Effect

Water intake is crucialDrinking plenty of water throughout the day is imperative for an all-day gastric bypass effect. You should drink at least 6 bottles of 16oz.

Loose weight fast with an additional gastric bypass dose

4. Reinforcement dose

The Silica® should keep your stomach “small” and limited the whole day. However, some need a mini reinforcement dose 5-6 hours before bedtime. It’s intended to prevent those late-night hunger attacks. It’s best to take a small reinforcement dose when you arrive at home from work or an hour before dinner.

Tip: Take to Work

Take to workA prepared dose of the Silica® mixture can be taken to work, or even on vacation, and can be used within 24 hours if kept at or below room temperature. The prepared Silica® mixture is good to use for up-to 5 days in the refrigerator. Remember: for best results, always have doses of the Silica® mixture prepared in your home or work refrigerator.

20% Limited Stomach Space

5. Frequency

The Silica® Gastric Bypass mixture has a long-lasting effect, and therefore, consuming it 3-5 times a week should be sufficient. Be attuned to your body to avoid overeating and to maintain your limited stomach volume. As you naturally eat less on a daily basis, your use of the Silica® mixture should diminish over time.

Tip: Shock Your Body Weight

Shock your body for rapid weight lossYour body and mind must understand that the new you desires a much lower body weight. To prevent a situation where you eat very little, but you’re not losing enough weight, you must exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day. Only exercise will get your body into a weight loss shocking mode and your weight loss will be accelerated significantly. Exercising puts the body into a fighter mode and the brain understands the need to carry much less fat.

Lost 4-7 lbs per week

6. Expectations

You should expect to eat half from day one and the urge for snacks and sweets is reduced within 2-4 days. Water retention might prevent you from seeing your weight loss in the first 10 days. The Silica® mixture always creates a gastric bypass effect and limits stomach volume. For the regimen to succeed, you have to want to lose the weight and you must overcome your psychological obstacles. Overeating with a small stomach will stretch your stomach and cause side effects.

Goal on the Wall

Weight loss goal on the wallLooking good, feeling good! On the wall in your bedroom and/or the kitchen, hang a pair pants or dress that’s one size smaller than your current size. You will now fight to lose the weight and fit into that new size. When you fit comfortably into that size, you will continue to wear it and immediately hang on the wall another smaller size on the wall.

Shrinking Stomach

During a 3 to 6 month regimen, you will find that your stomach is “shrinking” in capacity and you are naturally are eating smaller quantities of food and refraining from fatty, unhealthy foods. Your use of the Silica® mixture will be diminishing in frequency and dose quantity throughout the Shrinking Stomach®process.

Shrinking Stomach Procedure by Roca Labs

Roca Labs’ Regimen: Rules and Diet

Read this page frequently v1.0

While Suggested Use shows how to prepare a dose, and suggests best ways to maintain the gastric bypass effect, these Rulesand Diet MUST BE FOLLOWED ENTIRELY while using the regimen, unless any rule compromises your health or is not approved by your doctor, as stated in the Terms.

Limited Eating Interval™ between 11am and 8pm ONLY

You may choose any 9-hour interval for your daily food consumption. No deviation is allowed. Before 11am, you may have a healthy snack limited to 100 calories. Between 8-10pm, you may snack on vegetables like carrots, celery or occasionally, low calorie popcorn.

The Limited Eating Interval™ conditions your body and mind to feel hunger satisfied while you burn existing fat during the no-food period. Eating only during the 9-hour span is the most important rule and your chance of success will increase by 85%. This regimen promotes stronger insulin sensitivity and increased growth hormone secretion, which are essential for weight loss and muscle gain (instead of fat). It can also result in eliminating sugar and junk food cravings. Based on your insulin and leptin resistance, it might take a couple of months for your trained body to be satisfied with healthy eating. Once successful, your glycogen depleted body has learned to burn existing fat rather than crave immediate junk food. The Limited Eating Interval™ can increase insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial energy efficiency. Your body will be reducing oxidative stress and inducing a cellular stress response, which can help you cope with stress eating and can account for up-to an additional 8 lb weight loss a month.

Diabetic, pregnant and breastfeeding users should not follow this rule but create their own eating intervals with their physician. Seniors or any person with medical condition should consult a doctor.

Serve yourself HALF and eat slowly

While on the regimen, your functional stomach volume is smaller and you only need half of your previous food consumption. Overeating will result in side effects and expand your stomach pouch. To avoid being tempted to overeat, serve yourself only half of the servings as before. If buying a meal, divide it before hand. Chew slowly, wait 1 minute between bites. Overeating or eating fast can cause a bloated stomach, gas or diarrhea.

Minimize processed foods

Ready meals achieve their taste from extra salt, fat, sugar and chemicals and can trigger cravings.

One size down

Hang a size smaller of clothing in your bedroom or near the refrigerator. As soon as it fits, repeat the process. Picture and/or film your success and destroy any larger sizes.

Fried and oily foods

To avoid side effects and to comply with the Roca Labs’ regimen, limit fried and oily foods to a small serving, once a week.

Drink water to prevent side effects

Your body needs water to process calories. If you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. To maintain the gastric bypass effect, drink at least six ½ liter bottles of water a day. If you feel light headed, consider you have over-drunk. Be attuned to your body.

Exercise to shock your body

After losing about 35% of your excess body weight, you might find that losing weight becomes harder. Exercising will boost your metabolism, lower insulin levels, trigger release of “good feeling” hormones and  improve your sex life. The Roca Labs’ regimen requires that you exercise 5+ times a week. If necessary, start slowly and gradually increase to at least 30 minutes daily. Exercising regularly will boost your mood, reduce stress, ward-off anxiety and feelings of depression, and will improve your sleep.

Video document your success and get up-to 50% Money Back

Record your weight each morning, naked, preferably after bowel movement. Once a week, video a clip outlining your achievements and weight loss goal for the next 7 days. Show evidence of weight loss: fitting into a lower size clothing, mentioning number of pounds you lost that week, share compliments you have received, tips from your success, etc. If you have not done well that week explain the reason for your failure and what changes you’ll make in the coming week. You have 73% more chance to succeed when you visually document your progress. Remember, you can be an inspiration to many others and you can receive Money Back (see page) for your success.

Limit caffeine to the very minimum

About an hour after having caffeine, insulin levels spike and cravings intensify. Cortisol also indirectly influences appetite by modulating other hormones and stress responsive factors known to stimulate appetite.

Lost 4-7 lbs per week

Anti-Cravings® is Crucial

Anti-Cravings® should be taken twice-a-day to regulate blood sugar levels to dramatically reduce cravings for those fatty, high calorie foods.

Suggested use

A teaspoon size in any drink around lunch time and one in the evening to balance sugar levels and decrease the urge for snacking, sweets or pastries. It can make a difference of 1-3 lbs a week.

Blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels

2,500 calories = cup size of fat

2,500 calories = cup size of fat

Fat is big in size relative to its weight. “A cup of fat” is relatively big but it weighs 11 oz only. Imagine that: more than a third of the size of a Snickers bar will remain as fat in your body.

Know the Enemy

3,500 calories = 1 lb of fat on your body

calories frequency monthly
fat gain
fast food
fast food meal
1,200 cal.
Snikers bar
270 cal.
5 per
soda Coca-cola can
140 cal.
2 per
bacon bacon
611 cal.
2 per
cheese cheese
532 cal.
2 per
2 chicken
chicken breasts
284 cal.
3 per
french fries
500 cal.
2 per
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