Success Belt-Money Back with successful weight loss

Money back for your true success story

Roca Labs® rewards success: Document your progress on video with at least 480p quality, good lighting and a clear demonstration of your weight loss progressing all the way from your starting weight to achieving your weight goal loss. Demonstrate your weight loss with smaller size clothing, using the enclosed Success Belt or show your body in a clear convincing way. When your documentary video is done correctly as described below, you will receive 50% money back within 5 days.

The marketing department, in charge of this program, loves giving money to successful users. If your video is not of good quality or convincing enough but we think that you have truly succeeded achieving your weight loss goal, you will get only a portion of that 50% money back.

Want to get 100% money back or even more? Want to receive a trip to Disney World in Florida and shoot your success video here? Submit an inspiring set of quality videos clearly demonstrating your weight loss, gain of confidence, compliments from friends and family, and moving into regular size clothing. Inspire others to a better, healthy life and you shall be rewarded.

Note: this offer is in Roca Labs’s discretion. When paid, the rights for the video belong to Roca Labs®.

Recipe for a Successful Video

2-3 min about your eating problems, how obesity disturbs you and your weight loss goal.

2-4 min of how you are using the Roca Labs Formula and your tips to others.

To get this reward, film yourself now, during and after you’ve reached your goal. In a 5-10 minute video, talk about your past eating problems, the ease of using the Formula, how much weight you’ve lost and how your life has changed. You can tell us about improvements in your health, self-esteem, relationships and love life, and even compliments you’ve received about your new look. Your video must be real, convincing and of good quality. Video must include full body shots of beginning and ending weight.

Videos that are truly inspirational and of good quality may even receive up to 100% money back with a total weight loss of 100+ lbs.

Remember that your health is of the utmost importance to us. We want you to lose weight, but it must be done in a healthy way. Knowing that you’ve changed your eating habits for life is more important to us than the number of pounds you’ve lost, or how quickly you lost them.

Money Back?  Sure

You can get money back after ordering only by succeeding. Similar to any weight loss surgery, Roca Labs states repeatedly that commitment, determination and following instructions are the keys to success. Therefore, there is no “reward” for failing. Having tens of thousands users and videos, it is apparent that the Roca Labs Formula works from day one in creating a “mini-stomach” and, during a 4-6 month period, a “shrinking-stomach” procedure.

The qualification form attempts to filter those with lower success rate and save you the money, however, before you order:

Mainly check the ingredients and their scientific support
Check other people’s video experience
Check with your physician before ordering by sending him/her this letter from our chief doctor.

Qualify & Order
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