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Creating-Gastric-Bypass-EffectThe Formula

Small portions will be now satisfying. Pour the formula from the bag to the canister.

Step 1: Prepare a dose

Activator-with-WaterFill the Activator with 14 oz (400 mL) of room temperature water to the ¾ red mark. You can also use any low calorie juice, such as cranberry.

Step 2: Flavor (optional)

Adding-Flavor-to-the-mixtureYou may add sweetener or a flavor powder stick before adding the formula. You may also replace water with a juice like cranberry. Using only water, the mixture will have a pleasant smell. Adding your favorite flavor to the water, or using juice, will be tastier.

Step 3: Add the formula

Add a scoopful of the formula to the container. Close immediately and shake vigorously. This will turn the formula into the Gastric Capacity Reduction red mixture. 

It is NOT ready yet to be consumed.

Step 4: Must refrigerate

Refrigerate-the-Gastric-Bypass-EffectThe red mixture must be refrigerated overnight to be fully activated and effective (or, a minimum of 4 hours). Have 1 or 2 Activators/doses ready in the refrigerator at all times.

It can then be at room temperature for up to 24 hours so you can take it to work as a second dose for maintaining the Gastric Capacity Reduction all day.

Step 5: Consume

Consuming-a-doseAs soon as you wake up, swallow spoonfuls of the red mixture while drinking water for easy swallowing. Within 60 minutes after you are done consuming the entire dose, drink 1 bottle (2 cups) of water. Once done with your dose, you can drink your morning tea or decaf coffee. Wait 3-4 hours before your first meal. See RULES.

Step 6: Dose frequency

It is up to you to use the formula, Anti-Cravings and the red pill based on your need. If you feel that you overeat, use more of the red mixture and more often, like a second portion in the afternoon. If your cravings have not diminished yet, use more of the Anti-Cravings. The red pill should be taken once in the middle of the day or, again in the late afternoon for STRONGER reinforcement.

Goal: the Gastric Capacity Reduction is designed to help you be satisfied with two small meals per day. The Anti-Cravings drink is designed to empower you to overcome urges to eat sweets, junk food or any other high calorie or fatty/fried foods. Now, you have NO NEED to eat ANY snack or food which will make you fat.

Step 7: Second dose

Reinforcement-DoseA few spoonfuls of your mixture may be needed 10 hours after main dose or an hour before your last meal to ensure you eat only small portions of food. It can further improve your mood and energy in the evening or when arriving home.

* Limited eating

Roca Labs Gastric Capacity ReductionWith limited stomach capacity, you only need to serve yourself small portions. From day one, serve yourself small portions of food to avoid stretching your stomach pouch. Wait 1 minute between bites. Chew VERY SLOWLY while drinking water in between bites. You will be surprised how little you eat and yet feel satisfied. Overeating will stretch your stomach.


WaterTo maintain the Gastric Bypass Effect®, you need to drink at least 6 bottles of 16oz or 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day. Not drinking plenty can cause dehydration, headache or other complications.

Red Reinforcement Pill


Taking the red pill?

Take one pill right after your first meal of the day. If needed you may take a second red pill 6 hours after the first one. 

The Reinforcement Red Pill is NOT sent with the Basic plan or to pregnant women. Read the list of ingredients and if needed, consult your doctor. Stop using immediately if you have any adverse effects.


Spikes in sugar and insulin cause you to crave sugary and high carb snacks. Prepared twice a day the Anti-Cravings drink is designed to empower you to overcome cravings which can result in losing an additional 5-8 lb per month. This is how you start healthy eating.

Step 1: Prepare a drink dose

Creating-Gastric-Bypass-EffectFirst, drink some of the 16 oz water bottle to make room. While bending the sides of the gray measuring scoop, pour a scoopful of the powder into a bottle of room temperature water or a low calorie beverage. Close and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved.

Step 2: Drink all of it

DrinkingDrink one dose mid-day and another dose 4-5 hours later. Shake well before drinking as you drink it make sure to consume ALL of the powder including the residual powder on the bottom.Anti-Cravings dose


For these instructions to be effective, click RULES and follow them including avoiding junk food and exercising.

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