Gastric Bypass NO surgery®

Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE to  gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric band. The Gastric Bypass NO surgery® and the Anti-Cravings® inventions can help people reduce 100 lb without surgery and achieve healthy weight. *Results may vary

How does Roca Labs work? Success Stories

How does Roca Labs® regimen work?

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How does it work?

NEW: a dose of the Roca Labs formula is mixed with water and turns into 350cc stomach-sized red mixture. Successful users report that when consumed in the morning, the Regimen creates a feeling akin to limiting functional stomach volume for the duration of your day. This result is achieved without surgical procedures, including cutting parts of the digestive system.

How does Roca Labs work?

With limited stomach volume, you eat much less. Everyone knows the key to losing weight is lowering your calorie intake. When using the Regimen, you enter a calorie deficient state and from day one begin to lose weight at a rate of half a pound for every 1,750 calories. Bariatric surgery does not eliminate your cravings; Roca Labs Anti-Cravings® can reduce your urge for sweets and snacks and other foods that prevent your weight loss success enhancing the loss of an additional 5 to 8 pounds a month! Learn more

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100,000 YouTube Roca Labs results
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Endless video testimonials prove that the Gastric Bypass NO Surgery Regimen works. Surgery can be avoided and thousands of people vouch that the weight loss can be achieved immediately. Customers reaching their weight loss goal and documenting it in an inspirational video receive a Cash Back reward of up to 100%. You should know that while the Roca Labs Regimen is extremely effective, your mind, determination, and commitment make this alternative truly successful.  Watch success videos

Are there side effects?

Roca Labs Regimen has potential side effects that we believe can be avoided simply by following your individualized Regimen. For example, consuming dairy during your Regimen can cause diarrhea, and drinking soda or overeating can cause a bloated stomach or gaseous reactions. We encourage you to consult your doctor concerning any potential side effect of the Regimen. By creating the feeling of limiting your stomach volume, customers eat less without potentially painful surgery affecting their digestive systems. That is just one reason why Gastric Bypass NO Surgery presents a safer way to lose a tremendous amounts of weight.  Learn more


Darlene before and after 86 lbs weight loss with Gastric Bypass Alternative *Results may vary
Strong Natural Ingredients
The Roca Labs formula is a proprietary compound made from strong synergetic fibers that naturally create an immediate gastric bypass effect to limit the functional stomach volume without undergoing surgery*. Each ingredient has its own set of properties, which have been chosen carefully and perfected throughout the years. An estimated $28 million was invested in the creation of the formula. Lables & details


Cost & Health Insurance

With insurance, a 3-4 month supply is one payment of $480 (or 3 payments of $172). Without insurance, a 3-4 month supply is 3 payments of $230.

  • A cash back reward of up-to 50% is possible when you create an inspirational video of your weight loss achievement
  • Armed Forces members and U.S. and Canadian citizens are guaranteed a discount of up-to $260 with a valid health insurance plan.
    Note: the discount varies depending upon your insurance provider. Additionally, the discount is given regardless of your deductible and will not affect your insurance rates. Learn more

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Better than Bariatric Surgery
  • High success in creating the gastric bypass effect
  • Morning dose creates the gastric bypass effect
  • Immediate weight loss*
  • Up-to a 21 lb weight loss in a month*
  • Many patients lost 100 lb within 7 to 12 months**Results may vary
  • World’s strongest, non-surgical weight loss alternative
  • Personalized weight loss solutions
  • Learn more

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Safer and Cheaper than Bariatric Surgery
  • The regimen starts at only $480 for a 3-4 month supply
  • Qualification form approval occurs within 24 hrs
  • FDA compliance and strong, natural ingredients
  • Side effects are minimal and manageable
  • Anti-Cravings® lowers urge for snacks and sweets
  • Full commitment to diet and exercise is a must
  • Personal Coaches and 24/7 support is available
  • Learn more

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Sharon Lost 80 lb In 8 Mo.
FDA Compliance
The Roca Labs® formula and Anti-Cravings® are manufactured in an FDA registered facility under GMP regulations and are classified as dietary supplements (not a drug). The company believes that following FDA regulations is very important.


A doctor’s prescription is not required for use, yet, the mixture has an extremely strong effect and the provided directions must be followed to achieve the best results and minimize side effects. Read more

Very High Success Rate

To create the immediate gastric bypass effect and limiting stomach volume, you decide the daily dosage and frequency . In other words, your success is completely within your own control.

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Better, Safer, and Cheaper Than Surgery

This successful regimen can result in a weight loss of up to 21 lb a month*. The Anti-Cravings® helps to eliminate the bad cravings for sweets and snacks. The regimen has a very high success rate due to the gastric bypass effect in your stomach, which works just like the gastric bypass surgery—a surgery that costs upwards of at least $8,000. The Roca Labs’ regimen only costs $480, with most health insurances. Learn more about cost and insurance*Results may vary

Gastric Bypass NO Surgery Health Insurance

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The weight loss can be immediate with the Roca Labs’ regimen, just as if you had undergone a bariatric surgery, and within few days the cravings should be diminished significantly. Depending on your commitment to the recommended rules for suggested use, a loss of 21 lb a month is possible; however, realistically, it may take 7 to 10 months to lose 100 lb.*

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53% Are Approved
A free weight loss analysis and qualification form are required before you can order. This weight loss solution is intended for women and men with more than 30% of excess body weight to qualify. Special regimens are designed for diabeticskids and teens, seniors, plus, we offer weight management during pregnancy and postpartum. If approved, patients within 7 to 10 days.


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Roca Labs Weight Loss Success Story Sharon from Ohio*Results may vary
Tanya Lost 54 lbs in 4 months
*Results may vary
Avoid Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgeries are dangerous; every 1 out of 400 persons die, 50% of patients regain weight, 72% of patients suffer some type of complications, and 100% live with dietary restrictions. The main problem with gastric bypass surgery is that it does not curb the unbearable urge for snacks and sweets. Details…

Roca Labs Weight Loss Success Story Nancy from California*Results may vary
Cash Back For Success

Document your weight loss success in videos and pictures to receive a cash back reward. When you reach 80% of your weight loss goal, Roca Labs will pay you up-to $6 for every pound you lost. These cash back earnings can be more than 100% money back. Failure is not an option so no refunds or returns are allowed. More…

Nancy Lost 115 lb in 12 Mo.

Saved from gastric bypass surgery

*Results may vary

Sharon lost 80 lbDarlene lost 86 lb
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Only $170 x 3 mo. payments

53% Are Approved
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