Success coaches were regular customers who lost 70 to 215 lbs using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE® regimen and became a paid coaches – you can be too!

*These inspiring weight reductions are not typical…

Liz (AR) lost -125 lbs

I knew I had to make a change before my 40th birthday. I continue to pray to god to help me find a way to be healthy. I believe God led me here. In just 10-11 months this regimen has changed my life. I have lost 125 lbs so far and on my way to a healthy weight. This has been God’s gift to me. My energy and confidence has drastically increased.

Roxie (OH, Diabetic) lost 83 lbs

I am a diabetic and have improved my A1C from 12 to a normal 6 after reducing 83 lbs. I have maintained my healthy weight for 2 years.

Brian M. (MA) lost amazing -215 lbs

I had struggled with my weight my entire life. At 18 I decided to make a change. I avoided bariatric surgery and by using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE. I lost 215 lbs and have maintained the weight reduction.

Darlene (TN, senior) reduced 81 lbs

My Dr told me if I didn’t reduce my weight I would be in a wheelchair for the remainder of my life. I was devastated and had given up hope. My children purchased the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE for me. Best Christmas present ever! I have reduced 81 lbs at the age of 75. I improved my health and quality of life.

Roger M. (FL, Spanish) lost 120 lbs

Hola, dropping -120 lbs changed my life. More business, health and… love (Spanish only) Yo le ayudaré a tener éxito.

Marilon C. (AZ, limited mobility) lost 80 lbs

I have limited mobility, as a result I can’t exercise. I knew I had to make a change. A family member died from bariatric surgery and I was determined to find another solution. The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE changed my life.

Chris (TX) reduced 105 lbs

I reduced my weight 105 lbs in 10 months and have continued to maintain my weight loss for the last 2 years. I loves sports, especially soccer and am happy to be back on the field thanks to the Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE.

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