Success Belt-Money Back with successful weight loss

Return and Cancellation Policy

The Formula does not require a doctor’s prescription, but the return policy is similar to that stated by the FDA for prescription drugs. Any and all medical questions must be addressed to a doctor PRIOR to making the purchase.

Roca Labs™ cannot accept packages back once they’ve been shipped, due to a lack of assurance of the strength, quality, purity, or identity of the product. The Formula’s complete list of ingredients is available on the website, and each potential customer is responsible for making sure he or she is able to take it before ordering. This includes reading the site’s documentation, checking that one is not allergic to any ingredients, and consulting with a doctor if one has any special medical issues.

Once your Qualification form was reviewed and approved, the Formula is immediately prepared for you. Cancellation or refunds are not possible once the Formula preparation has begun which is immediately after approval of the qualification form. (no cancellations for Rush/Urgent orders)

Roca Labs made you aware of these charges when you filled out the Qualification form. Most important, Roca Labs medical team wishes you luck in achieving your weight loss goal and gaining better health and looks.

Rewards & Service Fees

reward Super weight loss achievement of 100lbs+ with well documented inspirational video  Money Back up to 100%
reward achieving the weight loss goal of 60lbs+ with well documented inspirational video  Money Back up to 50%
reward achieving the weight loss goal of 30-60lbs with well documented inspirational video  Money Back up to 25%
fee Disapproved qualification form no fee
fee Approved by doctor but not shipped for any reason $17
fee Cancelled and confirmed within 2 hours of form submission (before approval) no fee for the Formula
fee Cancelled 2 hours (after approval) full pay
 fee late payment $35-80
fee collections $980 +legal fees

Other Things You Should Know

Please be aware that orders are shipped EXACTLY to the address provided by the customer on the Qualification Form. It is not edited in ANY way. Therefore, you are responsible to provide the correct address. Roca Labs is working hard to ship packages as quickly as possible. We trust our customers, and ship the entire kit once the first payment is received.

In such instances where the package was shipped to the address provided, and was returned back to us, a reship fee of $40 will be applied  ($80 if shipping internationally).

If your package is UNCLAIMED or REFUSED and returned to us, please know that you are still responsible for payment. We will reship for $40 ($80 if shipping internationally).

Once the package is received by the Roca Labs Shipping Dept., we will attempt to reach you via the email address provided on Qualification Form and also by phone. If we are unsuccessful after 14 days, your formula will be discarded. Shipping again after the 14 day waiting period will be done only after customer pays $100 manufacturing fee for the production of the 2nd Kit.

Money Back?  Sure

You can get money back after ordering ONLY by SUCCEEDING. Similar to any weight loss surgery, Roca Labs states repeateldy that commitment, determination and following instructions are the keys to success. Therefore, there is no “reward” for failing. Having tens of thousands users and videos, it is apparent that the Roca Labs Formula works from day one in creating a “mini-stomach” and, during a 4-6 month period, a “shrinking-stomach” procedure.

The qualification form attempts to filter those with lower success rate and save you the money, however, before you order:

Mainly check the ingredients and their scientific support
Check other people’s video experience
Check with your physician before ordering by sending him/her this letter from our chief doctor.