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Better, Safer, Cheaper than Bariatric Surgery

  • High success in creating gastric bypass effect
  • Morning dose creates gastric bypass effect
  • Immediate weight loss
  • Up to 21 lb weight loss a month *results may vary
  • Realistically, 100 lb loss in 7 to 10 months
  • World’s strongest non-surgical weight loss
  • Custom solution based on your condition
  • Starts at $480 with health insurance discount
  • Health application approval within 24 hrs
  • FDA compliance, safer natural ingredients
  • Side effects are minimal & manageable
  • Anti-Cravings® lowers urge for snacks/sweets
  • Full commitment to diet and exercise is a must
  • Personal Coach & 24/7 Support
Gastric Bypass Alternative for Extreme weight loss

Tanya Lost 54 lbs in 4 months

Tanya Lost 54 lbs in 4 Months

Very High Success Rate

The Roca Labs® mixture always creates a gastric bypass effect (small functioning stomach). Since you decide how much (dosage) and how many days a week (frequency), it should always create gastric bypass results up to a day or two. However, 10% might reject or wash out much faster the mixture.

Limited Stomach Volume
Roca Labs Procedure medical X Ray

The Importance of FDA Compliance

FDA Compliance

Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility under GMP regulations and classified as a dietary supplement and . The effect of the procedure is extremely strong “as a drug” and rules of procedure must be followed to comply with FDA regulations.

Natural Ingredients

A unique compound of extremely strong synergetic fibers that create immediate gastric bypass effect. Added ingredients are formulated for diabetes, pregnant, kids/teens, seniors, etc. 800% B12 and 500% B6 will help with stress overeating. Details…

Gastric Bypass Effect

What is Roca Labs® Procedure?

NEW: Limiting stomach volume can now be achieved without cutting parts of the digestive system.

A Roca Labs® dose in the morning immediately creates gastric bypass results. With limited stomach volume you eat much less as if you had undergone a gastric bypass surgery. The procedure includes the crucial Anti-Cravings® to eliminate snacks & sweets addiction resulting in 5 to 8 lbs additional weight loss.

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120 lbs Weight Loss Procedure

Roca Labs® weight loss rate can be similar or better than bariatric surgery patients.  with minimal side effects and a higher chance to retain the low new weight. While losing 21 lbs a month is possible, realistically it can take 7 to 10 months to lose 100 lbs.

Who Can Use The Procedure?

Women & men with more than 50 lbs of excess fat who qualify. Special procedures for diabetes, for kids/teens, for seniors, for weight management during pregnancy and weight reduction resulted from pregnancy. 41% are approved.

How much weight can I lose?

As if you had undergone a bariatric surgery, weight loss is immediate and few days to overcome cravings.
Depending on your commitment and following Rules and Suggested Use, 21 lbs a month is possible though more realistically, it will take 7 to 10 months to lose 100 lbs.

How much weight can I lose with Gastric Bypass NO surgery

Sharon Lost 80 lbs In 8 Mo.

Diabetic normalized A1C from 12 to 6.6

Roca Labs Weight Loss Success Story Sharon from Ohio

100,000+ Results for Roca Labs YouTubeEndless testimonies of overweight people from the US and the world prove that gastric bypass NO Surgery® procedure works and weight loss results are immediate. Money Back of $2 to $6 per pound lost when you reach 80% of your weight loss goal.

 Nancy Lost 115 lbs in 12 Mo.

Saved from gastric bypass surgery

Roca Labs Weight Loss Success Story Nancy from California

Side Effects

Limiting functional stomach space can be achieved without cutting parts of the digestive system. A Roca Labs® dose in the morning immediately creates gastric bypass results. With limited stomach capacity you eat much smaller portions as if you underwent a gastric bypass surgery.

Money Back For Success

Document your weight loss success in video and pictures. When you reach 80% of your goal Roca Labs will pay you up to $6 for every pound you lost. It can be more than 100% money back. Failure is not an option so no refunds or returns are allowed. More…

Darlene before and after 86 lbs weight loss with Gastric Bypass Alternative

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Avoid Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgeries are dangerous: 1 out of 400 dies, 50%  regain weight, 72% suffer some complications and 100% live with food/menu/diet restrictions to avoid possible complications or death. The main problem with gastric bypass surgery is that it does not deal with the unbearable urge for snacks and sweets.

Better & Cheaper Than Surgery

Successful regime can result in a weight loss of up to 21 lbs a month. Included Anti-Cravings® helps you to eliminate the bad cravings for sweets and snacks. 90% success rate in creating gastric bypass effect in your stomach but true results are a 100% up to you, just like undergoing gastric bypass surgery that costs over $8,000. Only $480 with most health insurances. Gastric Bypass Health Insurance Discount Results may vary*