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Development of eating disorders Bing-eating disorder / Anorexia Nervosa
Weight regain 90-110% of original wt.
Health Risks Obesity, psychological disorders, malnutrition
Failure rate over 1-5 yr. 95%
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Gastric Bypass NO Surgery™

Gastric bypass no surgery3 Diet Plan & Weight Loss Plan Comparison

$480 Roca Labs® 4 months Procedure

Taken once in the morning, the natural Formula creates a gastric bypass effect, leaving only 20% stomach space available for eating. You are practically forced to eat only half and lose weight from day 1. The Anti-Cravings is a scientific miracle in stopping your cravings for sweets and snacks for immediate results. Successful regimen* should result in a loss of 15-25lbs per month and a “shrinking stomach” size over 4-6 months.

Silico Mixutre Better than bariatric surgery 500 Diet Plan & Weight Loss Plan Comparison

Weight Loss Plans Vs. Roca Labs® Formula

No menus, no diet restrictions

Unlike weight loss pills or diet programs, Roca Labs® Formula does not require a strict menu or calorie restrictions. It practically FORCES you to eat HALF the food you ate before, so you will automatically lose weight without having to keep track of every calorie you consume.

Each day you use the Formula, it creates a gastric bypass effect in your stomach that leaves only a small, limited stomach space available for food intake. It PHYSICALLY LIMITS how much you can eat. You’ll feel satisfied after eating just half a portion – or even as little as a few bites. Your stomach has neither the need nor the space for more food. You’ll find yourself eating far less than before.

Avoiding the diet trap

Diets often fail for one simple reason: people can’t stick to them! They force us to refrain from foods that we can’t help but want and sooner or later, many people give in to the temptation. And once you’ve given in a little, it’s easy to feel defeated and rationalize breaking the diet rules again and again, eating little bites of whatever you want, here and there.

One reason the Formula is so successful is that you can continue to eat what you like, and without tracking of everything you put in your mouth. You can still have a slice of chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream, but with the gastric bypass effect, you’ll feel satisfied before you even finish it. You’ll eat the foods you want, but in smaller portions.

Also unlike diet programs, the Formula contains a unique, natural ingredient called β-Glucan®, which balances your blood sugar level and fights your cravings. With your urges for sweets and snacks almost eliminated, you’ll eat healthier without it being a challenge.

Since you are now eating significantly less, Roca Labs® team of doctors strongly recommends that you consume nutritious food, which is low in calories and supplemented with vitamins. Adding exercise will greatly accelerate your weight loss and improve your general health.

Counting calories doesn’t force you to eat less

Calorie counting works for some people, but a major downside is that by itself, it does nothing to force you to eat less. All it can do is help track what you eat; at the same time you have the same hunger and the same cravings. With Roca Labs® Formula, you’re forced to eat less while the unique ingredient β-Glucan®  fights your cravings for sweets and snacks, eliminating the need to count calories. You’ll feel satisfied with half the portion, and you’ll feel even better once you start getting compliments from friends and family on your new, slimmer appearance.

Instead of counting the calories you eat, let’s look at the calories you’ll automatically spare your body with Roca Labs® Formula. From day one, you will eat HALF the portions you are used to, and begin to burn more calories than you consume. This is known as a calorie deficiency state. For every 250 calories you save, you lose one ounce of fat. Many users eat as much as 2,000 fewer calories a day while using the Formula, which translates to 17 lbs. a month!

With Roca Labs® Formula, you finally have the weapon you need to fight hunger, cravings and obesity. You’ll continue to eat the foods you love without any calorie count, but you’ll naturally eat smaller portions and still feel satisfied. The power to succeed is in your hands.

Success is now limited by your MIND ONLY™

While Roca Labs® is actually a gastric bypass surgery replacement or a weight loss surgery alternative, and is mainly intended to serve the obese and severely obese that are looking for an extreme weight loss solution and not those who merely need to lose 10-15lbs.



Comparing Roca Labs® With Diet Plans

LA Weight Loss Diet Roca Labs®
Jenny Craig
Atkin’s Diet
Nutri System
Raw Food Diet
Skinny Vegan

Why Weight Loss Plans & Diet Plans Just Don’t Work

As weight loss programs, diets don’t work! Yes, you lose weight, but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. Since dieting, by definition, is a temporary food plan, it won’t work in the long run. Moreover, the deprivation of restrictive diets may lead to a diet-overeat or diet-binge cycle. And since your body doesn’t want you to starve, it responds to overly-restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism which of course makes it harder to lose weight. 1

Fad diets are harmful

Fad diets can be harmful. They may lack essential nutrients, for example. Moreover, they teach you nothing about healthy eating. Thus, when you’ve “completed” your fad diet, you simply boomerang back to the unhealthy eating patterns that caused your weight gain in the first place! This is the beginning of “yo-yo dieting,” which can bring its own health problems in its wake.

Diet plans & weight loss plans’ failure rate exceeds 95%

Chances are, you read The Fat Trap in the New York Times, in which Tara Parker-Pope demonstrated how typical weight-loss strategies backfire, leading people to regain the lost weight, usually within months. What happens is that most popular weight loss regimens trigger the body’s starvation alert, which in turn triggers hormonal changes that essentially set up a rebound reaction. So forget fast-track weight loss plans and instead make small, gradual changes that allow your metabolism to adjust once and for all. Once your system is used to the new regimen, it won’t react with rebound. 2

Diet plans can cause serious eating disorders

Dieting, along with the frequent and compulsive weighing that accompanies it, can lead to eating disorders. According to one source, people who diet are 8 times as likely to develop an eating disorder as people who don’t.

In a study of 14 – 15 year old adolescents, girls who engaged in strict dieting practices:
-Were 18 times more likely to develop an Eeating Disorder within six months than non-dieters
-Had almost a 20% chance of developing an Eeating Disorder within one year
Girls who dieted moderately were five times more likely to develop an Eating Disorder within 6 months than non-dieters. 4

Dieting for weight loss is often associated with weight gain, due to the increased incidence of binge-eating 5

Diet plans can lead to obesity

According to a study:

Adolescent girls who diet are at 324% greater risk for obesity than those who do not diet. 
(Stice et al., 1999).

Reinforce negative feelings

Since most diet plans focus on avoiding certain foods, they create negativity in your mind. You’re not allowed to eat a brownie because it’s too much fat, or chocolate, or sugar, or carbohydrates or points. They set up a situation where you feel deprived.

If you turn this around and focus on getting more healthy foods in your diet, that are loaded with nutrients, you will gradually crave those other foods less. If you simply cut out bad foods without increasing good ones, your body will still be craving nutrients or foods.

Frustrating & often unhealthy restrictions

Overly restrictive diets can take all the pleasure out of eating! They are also dangerous because they leave you frustrated and that exhibits when you “guilt-eating”. One of the reasons why diet plans fail is because of the element of frustration. There’s no reason to be a sacrificial lamb to lose weight, so to speak. What you rather need is a healthy approach towards eating and understand the psychological issues if there are any, connected with your over-eating habits.

Lack of transition from a weight loss diet plan to a maintenance eating plan

Weight loss programs that are effective work by creating an imbalance in your diet. The reason your body carries extra weight is because it is out of balance, so a diet to correct that imbalance needs to be imbalanced itself.

However, the problem with these diet plans is that there isn’t always a strategy to maintain your healthy weight balance, and the pendulum swings back out.

To find a long term healthy diet plan, it needs to become a habit and something that you feel comfortable maintaining. You can’t live your life always feeling deprived. You can make adjustments as you go, and usually a healthy diet meal plan works out to become healthier as you get used to it.

Any restrictive weight loss diet plan is unsustainable

When there is imbalance in weight, diet and exercise need to be imbalanced to correct your body to a healthy weight. That can take the form of low carb, low fat, high fat, low protein, or a combination of these.

Some of these can be effective initially, although they can result in weight loss through muscle rather than fat, and usually plateau. They also don’t always provide enough of the energy your body needs to sustain itself and its functions, which comes from carbohydrates.

Diets for quick weight loss that are too controlled will usually cause a bounce back when you either can’t stick with the diet or try to go back to a normal diet. A better strategy is to adopt a balanced diet plan that reinforces healthy eating habits you can maintain. I advocate a healthy vegetarian diet plan or vegan diet plan or perhaps a small amount of meat as your starting point. Then you just need to know what eat instead.

Understanding of the major failings of weight loss programs, and how to work on your goals in a healthier way, will help you find a weight loss diet plan that works for you.

Jenny Craig’s Diet Reviews

i tried jenny craig a few years ago. sure, it’s convenient to have your meals but as soon as you stop it’s really tough to keep eating in the same way. the other, larger problem imo, is that it’s not healthy food. it’s unhealthy food in small portions. lots of refined sugars/flours, artificial sweeteners, etc…. not a fan of that at all!
- Jill

My brother-in-law tried it.  I don’t know how much weight he lost, but he looked good.  Then as soon as he didn’t have the little pre-measured Jenny Craig meals, he put the weight right back on and then some.
- B. K. W.

My little sister tried it too and like Brenda’s brother-in-law, she lost some weight (like 10-15 lbs) but gained it back once her meals weren’t decided for her. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how much it cost.
- Lisa


Atkin’s Diet Review

By Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

major study was just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine from Harvard. In approximately 85,000 women who were followed for 26 years and 45,000 men who were followed for 20 years, researchers found that all-cause mortality rates wereincreased in both men and women who were eating a low-carbohydrate Atkins diet based on animal protein.

The message that many studies have been giving the public and health professionals is that the Atkins diet is no worse for your heart than a plant-based diet, but all these studies examined only risk factors such as HDL, not measures of disease or mortality. That’s why this new study is so important.

recent study reviewed in The New England Journal of Medicine found that an Atkins-type diet “promotes atherosclerosis (heart disease) through mechanisms that do not modify the classic cardiovascular risk factors” such as HDL. Other studies also showed this.

Your body makes HDL to remove excessive cholesterol from your body. Eating a stick of butter will raise HDL, but butter is not good for your heart. Pfizer discontinued a study of its drug, torcetrapib, which raised HDL but actually increased risk of heart attacks. (excerpts from 6)

LA Weight Loss Diet

How the LA Weight Loss diet works

The premise of the new diet is one that has five steps. Step one is conducted for two days every two weeks and is meant to be a detox for dieters featuring a special juice. Step two puts the dieter on the Rapid Weight Loss portion of the LA Weight Loss Diet until they lose 20 pounds. The third step is a transitional one that allows dieters to eat a wider variety of foods. Step four sees the dieter incorporate LA Lite bars twice a day and step five has the dieter start supplementing with LA SmartTrim Nutritionals, which are vitamins and minerals.

All foods and products are provided by the LA Weight Loss Diet program and are shipped to the home of each participant. Participants are expected to work out three times each week in order to ensure maximum results.

Do dieters lose weight on the LA weight loss diet?

Dieters who do lose weight on the LA Weight Loss Diet usually do so in the short-term. Because all the foods are expensive pre-packaged foods the tendency to want other foods is great. This means that unapproved foods are easily entered into the diet making long-term weight loss much harder to achieve.

Following the LA weight loss Diet

On one hand they provide everything for you, even online support, but on the other hand they make it hard to stick to the diet. Even though foods are already made for you, you still run the risk of not liking what is sent to you which leads to going off the diet quite a bit.

In addition, if you like to go out to eat then you are out of luck with the LA Weight Loss Diet. Where other diets make it possible to dine out, this is not a possibility when all the food is provided for you.

The LA weight loss diet review

The LA Weight Loss Diet is one that makes you pay at every level. No matter what step you are on there is some type of special food or supplement you are expected to take that can only be purchased through the LA Weight Loss Diet website.

While you can buy all the products separately for various prices, those interested in this diet are better off paying for the monthly plan. However, your pockets have to be deep as the LA Weight Loss Diet has two costs; expensive and more expensive.

For an auto-pay option, which can be hard to get out of, the cost for the LA Weight Loss Diet is $289.99 per month. Should you choose to go month to month, you will pay $419.99 per month. Add some foods that are not included with the pre-packaged foods to your costs too as it isn’t as all-inclusive as it indicates. Add it all up and you quite simply have a diet that is likely more about selling products than it is about helping people lose weight.

While the counselors may be supportive to the dieters, they may not have the right training to recognize certain medical conditions or to truly recommend real and lasting, safe diet plans for people with those conditions. These counselors also earn commission on the supplements and other products that they sell so some may become a little pushy at times.

In addition to the lack of training for the counselors, it should be noted that there is no other method of support with LA Weight loss – you come in to the center for the recommended counseling sessions, period! There are no counselors that can be reached by phone, email or online at all. There are no support groups or forums to turn to if there are questions of any kind.

In addition to a lack of support and the potential for very pushy counselors, the diet plan may be too strict for many people to follow to the very end. There is also not enough information given for the foods that are recommended nor is there enough encouragement for exercise.

Nutri System Review

For all of its positive aspects, the Nutri-system Diet has its weaknesses as well. The question of whether the weight that is lost while eating prepackaged, pre-portioned foods can be maintained after returning to regular meals is a big one. While there are behavioral tools given, if the dieter did not work very hard at addressing the issues that drive the overeating behavior in the first place, it is not likely that they will, after being allowed to cruise on autopilot for so long either.

While for the most part the foods are considered to be fairly nutritious, the issue may be that there is just not enough of it to be effective. The meals range around the 250-300 calorie range, but some dip to half that at only 150 calories. Experts agree that this amount is proper for a snack, but not for a meal.

Finally, because it is a temporary plan, it may only equal temporary weight loss as well. While you are on the diet plan, you are not thinking toward the future. Thirty days of meals are not going to teach good portion control and undo a lifetime of bad habits.



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6. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-dean-ornish/an-atkins-diet-increases-_b_707005.html

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