• Darlene - The lifelong struggle with weight is over...

    Not eligilbe for surgery at 75 years of age, lost over 80 lbs

  • Nancy - No more back pain...

    Avoided the dangers of surgery and lost 115 lbs

  • Tanya - First time in my life...

    Tried all weight loss methods. Succeeded only with Roca Labs: lost 54 lbs and going for 110

  • Sister Anne- No more sciatica pain or heel spurs...

    Feels younger and back to playing basketball with her students

  • Frank - Men & sexuality

    My weight loss experience represents most men.. I have gained health & sex drive

  • Bianca - Pregnant & weight gain

    I was smart to use Roca Labs and avoid delivery problems and overweight new born

  • Donna - Senior

    I didn't have to lose much but the excess weight...

  • Ira - Lost 100+ lose

    The doctor recommended Roca Labs as the alternative to surgery. Lost 102 lbs so far...

  • Tania - Not single anymore

    I was single and overweight... actually, fat and single. Roca Labs changed my life...

  • Jodi - Business woman

    I wasn't fat but wanted to look better. I needed a STRONG weight loss solution

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