Who Can Use the Formula?

Roca Labs® Formula is intended for men and women who want to control their hunger, eliminate their cravings and lose weight safely. It is classified as a dietary supplement; all its active ingredients are 100% natural.

However, you may NOT use the Formula if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are allergic to barley, wheat or any of the Formula’s other ingredients.
  • You have kidney-related medical issues, as the Formula is strongly water-absorbent.
  • You cannot drink around twelve 8oz glasses (six ½ liter bottles) of water daily, as there could be a risk of dehydration (resulting in a headache first, and later complications to the digestive system).
  • You are very sensitive to fiber, as the Formula contains a large amount. However, it may be possible to accustom your body to the high fiber content by introducing the Formula to your diet gradually.
  • You may have a psychological eating disorder that will cause you to over-eat despite having only a limited stomach availability. Before ordering, read this article to see if this may apply to you.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or taking medications, you must consult a doctor before using the Formula.

Children age 12 and up may use the Formula only under adult supervision.

Important Note: If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not you are able to use the Formula, you must consult your physician before ordering. The Formula works in a PHYSICAL way to fill the stomach for 10-16 hours at a time. But as a precaution, if you are currently taking ANY medications, or have any special medical conditions, you MUST consult your personal physician before ordering. It is recommended that you take any medications or vitamins approximately two hours before taking the Formula (if you take them with food), or one hour before (if you take them without food). However, no advice on this site or from Roca Labs® staff replaces your doctor’s instructions.

Drinking water is crucial

It is important to drink plenty of fluids immediately after taking a dose and throughout the day. The Formula powder is unique: it absorbs 32 times its weight in liquid and can fill your stomach for up to 16 hours, as long as it’s constantly supplied with enough water. The mixture acts like a sponge and without sufficient water, it will shrink and pass through the digestive system. The more you drink, the longer the gastric bypass effect will last.

Water is recommended, but you can also have any low-calorie drink (10 calories or less per serving), such as flavored water, Crystal Light, tea or diet beverages. Remember that for some users carbonated or dairy beverages may not work well with the Formula – see Side Effects for more information.

For a regular-sized dose, drink at least two 8oz glasses (one ½ liter bottle) of water while you take the mixture, or immediately after. Throughout the day, drink at least an additional ten 8oz glasses (five ½ liter bottles) of water.

Be aware that since the procedure is new to your body, if you do not drink enough your brain may confuse your thirst with hunger causing you to over-eat. If you feel hungry, it may just be that you have not been drinking enough.

Tip: Each morning, set aside SIX ½ liter bottles of water to drink so you will not have to keep count throughout the day.

Caution: Since the Formula absorbs so much liquid, you must drink a lot not only to create a strong gastric bypass effect, but also to avoid dehydration. A headache is usually the first sign, and over a prolonged period of time, a lack of sufficient water intake may lead to more severe problems.


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